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SLI batteries are designed to run items for 15 seconds or less without help. Vehicle ignition systems, lighting systems backed up with an alternator, or generator engine ignition systems are good examples of SLI battery applications.

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A Lifeline GPL-2400T AGM SLI Battery is usually adequate for replacing similar sized engine batteries in an RV. With the packed power in it's 12 volt configuration, at 53lbs, it usually outweighs it's similarly sized competitors. This weight is lead, and the 53.00 lbs or 24.10 kgs kicks out 790 cold cranking amps to turn over most V6 and V4 motors.

If you are running a V-6 with many toys, or a V-8, you want 20% more power, so you are looking at the Lifeline GPL-2700T or GPL-3100T AGM SLI Batteries.

Have two batteries in your rig, replace it with two batteries. When you upgrade to the best, many other problems will go away.

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