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Safety - Why You Choose Lifeline Batteries

Lifeline Batteries are Underwriters Laboratory approved.
Is your battery?

Your family sleeps in this RV you are equipping, would you want a sub standard product near them?

UL listings database All LifelineŽ AGM batteries meet the requirements of ULŽ 1989 (Standby Battery) and are UL recognized under UL File Number MH-17983. (BAZR2.GuideInfo)

Below is a copy of the specifications for this UL listing.

[Batteries - Component] Batteries, Standby - Component

The devices covered under this category are incomplete in certain constructional features or restricted in performance capabilities and are intended for use as components of complete equipment submitted for investigation rather than for direct separate installation in the field. THE FINAL ACCEPTANCE OF THE COMPONENT IS DEPENDENT UPON ITS INSTALLATION AND USE IN COMPLETE EQUIPMENT SUBMITTED TO UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC. USE

This category covers standby batteries intended for use in equipment such as uninterruptible power supplies, emergency lighting and power equipment, and telephone instrument equipment . Various battery chemistries are included, such as, but not limited to, lead acid and nickel cadmium. CONDITIONS OF ACCEPTABILITY

Unless specified otherwise in the individual Recognitions, consideration is to be given to the following Conditions of Acceptability when these components are employed in the end-use equipment:
1. The flame rating of the case material is ___ minimum. The suitability of this flame rating and the need for an enclosure shall be determined in the end-use application.
2. These batteries are rated for ___ V, ___ Ah capacity. A performance investigation to determine the suitability of these ratings [has/has not] been conducted.
3. These batteries have flame arrester vents or pressure relief vents that comply with the applicable requirements of UL 1989. "Standby Batteries"; no additional performance investigation has been conducted on these batteries.
4. These batteries have not been investigated for ambient temperatures in excess of ___°C. The suitability of these batteries at temperatures exceeding ___°C shall be determined in the end-use application.
Additional Conditions of Acceptability may be included in the Recognition Report available from the manufacturer.


The basic standard used to investigate products in this category is UL 1989, "Standby Batteries."

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