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Lifeline GPL-2400T Deep Cycle AGM Battery

12 v
12 volts

11.13 in
283 mm

6.60 in
168 mm

9.25 in
235 mm

53 lbs

870 CCA


Lifeline GPL-2700T Deep Cycle AGM Battery

12 v
12 volts

12.01 in
305 mm

6.60 in
168 mm

9.25 in
235 mm

63 lbs

1020 CCA


Lifeline GPL-3100T Deep Cycle AGM Battery

12 v
12 volts

12.90 in
328 mm

6.58 in
167 mm

9.27 in
236 mm

67 lbs

1120 CCA


Lifeline GPL-1400T Deep Cycle AGM Battery

12 v
12 volts

9.58 in
249 mm

5.17 in
132 mm

6.83 in
174 mm

32 lbs

850 CCA


free delivery on all battery ordersLifeline® AGM batteries are valve-regulated, recombinant gas, absorbed electrolyte, lead acid batteries. The cells are sealed with a pressure relief valve that prevents gases within the battery from escaping. The positive and negative plates are sandwiched between layers of glass mat consisting of a blend of glass micro fibers of varying length and diameter. This blend features superior wicking characteristics and promotes maximum retention of the electrolyte. An envelope of micro porous polyethylene surrounds each wrap of glass mat to further protect the plates from shorting. Electrolyte is absorbed and held in place by the capillary action between the fluid and the glass mat fibers. The mat is over 90% saturated with the electrolyte. By design it is not totally saturated with electrolyte, a portion is filled with gas. This void space provides the channels by which oxygen travels from the positive to the negative plates during charging. When the oxygen gas reaches the negative plate, it reacts with lead to form lead oxide and water. This reaction at the negative plate suppresses the generation of hydrogen that otherwise would come off the negative plate. In this manner, virtually all of the gas is “recombined” inside the cell, eliminating the need to add water, resulting in “maintenance free” operation. Furthermore, since the acid electrolyte is fully absorbed in the AGM separator, the battery is nonspillable even when turned upside down.

  • lifeline battery terminal images GPL-24T, GPL27T & GPL-31T are heavy duty copper alloy Marine Terminals.
  • The GPL-ULT is a 1/4"-20N.C. copper alloy threaded insert.
  • All 'T' batteries supplied with brass bolts and washers.
  • A= Automotive post.
  • L= L bladed terminal 5/16" bolt hole and supplied with bolts and washers.

  • Click on the terminals to the right for a larger image ==>

  • "T" models= Handles are built into cover design.
  • GPL-24T and GPL-27T also incorporate strap handles.
  • Handles not available on part numbers GPL-4CT and GPL-6CT.
  • Models GPL-4D & GPL-8D are equipped with rope handles.

  • Ratings:
    Capacity ratings are stated at 77° F (25° C) to 1.75 volts per cell.
    Completely discharging a battery significantly reduces it's cycle life, and lifespan. To optimize battery life, discharge batteries to 50% depth.

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